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Low viscosity conformal coating cures with light

Low viscosity conformal coating cures with light
An advanced electronics conformal coating formulated with a revolutionary new technology as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings, the Dymax 9452-FC has been introduced from Intertronics. Whilst it has a very low viscosity – 20cP – it still provides good electrical insulation and protection against humidity, plus very good thermal shock and corrosion resistance.
27th July 2017

Gel coatings lead to better catheters and condoms

Gel coatings lead to better catheters and condoms
Catheters, intravenous lines, and other types of surgical tubing are a medical necessity for managing a wide range of diseases. But a patient’s experience with such devices is rarely a comfortable one. Now MIT engineers have designed a gel-like material that can be coated onto standard plastic or rubber devices, providing a softer, more slippery exterior that can significantly ease a patient’s discomfort. The coating can even be tailored to monitor and treat signs of infection.
19th July 2017

Biobased anti-corrosion coatings research paper at EuroCorr 2017

Biobased anti-corrosion coatings research paper at EuroCorr 2017
It has been revealed that several raw materials employed in the production of conventional anticorrosion coatings pose severe threat to environment and human health. The hazards have led to surge in government regulations that have restrained anticorrosion coatings market growth. Global market trends are moving towards sustainable and renewable materials as public is becoming more aware of importance of utilising environmentally safe solutions. 
12th July 2017

How to select coatings to optimise component performance

The right surface coating can reduce unit costs, equipment downtime, wastage and contamination. It can also improve operational performance and contribute to higher product quality. By Andrew Courtney from Surface Technology.
11th July 2017

Rapid curing epoxy offers high bond strength

Master Bond EP41S-F is a two part epoxy for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications. It combines fast ambient temperature cure speed with chemical resistance and superior electrical insulation properties. This versatile system is easy to handle and has a forgiving 100 to 25 mix ratio by weight. After mixing, EP41S-F polymerizes quickly and can usually be removed from a fixture within 20-30 minutes. Full cures are achieved in 24 hours at 75°F or in 45-60 minutes at 200°F.
28th June 2017

Screen coating takes its inspiration from moth eyes

Screen coating takes its inspiration from moth eyes
Screens on even the newest phones and tablets can be hard to read outside in bright sunlight. Inspired by the nanostructures found on moth eyes, researchers have developed a new antireflection film that could keep people from having to run to the shade to look at their mobile devices. The antireflection film exhibits a surface reflection of just 23%, much lower than the iPhone's surface reflection of 4.4%, for example.
26th June 2017

UV/Visible light cure maskant introduced for electronics

UV/Visible light cure maskant introduced for electronics
Intertronics have introduced the new DYMAX Speedmask 9-7001, which offers significant time saving in assembly of electronics connectors and other board level components to PCBs. Once cured in seconds with UV/visible light, the (pink) maskant enables easy visual checks, while its low shrinkage rate ensures accurate reliable coverage.
19th June 2017

Fast and easy floor marking

Fast and easy floor marking
Designed to help create precise painted lines, Brady’s new PaintStripe Floor Marking Stencils help quickly organise workplaces and increase their efficiency. The PaintStripe can increase workplace efficiency Clear visuals, like safety signs and floor marking, and can communicate important information exactly where the information is needed. They help create an efficient, lean workplace by supporting employees to quickly and easily recognise safe walking areas, forklift lanes, storage locations and specific production areas.
16th June 2017

Carbodeon demonstrates NanoDiamond nickel coatings

Carbodeon demonstrates NanoDiamond nickel coatings
Carbodeon of Finland has worked with metal finishing specialist CCT Plating of Germany, to develop a new NanoDiamond enhanced electroless nickel plating with significantly improved performance in sliding applications. Electroless nickel coatings offer many advantages over other coating types, such as excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance, creating an even coating thickness over complex geometries and at relatively low cost.
7th June 2017

Collaboration brings success to 2K coating dispensing optimisation

Electrolube is selectively partnering with key dispensing equipment manufacturers (including PVA, Nordson Asymtek and others) to ensure that its 2K conformal coatings enable customers to obtain optimum results from its range of two-part coating systems. Electrolube’s systems are specifically designed to combine the protection and properties of a resin with the straightforward application of a conformal coating without the use of harmful solvents.
6th June 2017

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