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3D printer makes first wearable battery

3D printer makes first wearable battery
Imagine printing off a wristband that charges your smartphone or electric car with cheap supplies from a local hardware store. That's the direction materials research is heading at Brunel University London where scientists have become the first to simply and affordably 3D print a flexible, wearable 'battery'. The technique opens the way for novel designs for super-efficient, wearable power for phones, electric cars, medical implants like pacemakers and more.
24th October 2017

Grain refiner breakthrough for magnesium alloys

Scientists at Brunel University London have perfected the first ever grain refiner master alloy for magnesium-aluminium alloys. A team led by Dr Hari Babu Nadendla from the Brunel Centres for Advanced Solidification Techniques found a patented niobium-based master alloy not only filled the missing gap in grain refiners for magnesium alloys but offered significant advantages over titanium in aluminium-silicon alloys.
9th March 2016

Ultrasound provides cleaner, more efficient degassing

Scientists at Brunel University have confirmed that treating molten metal with ultrasound is a cleaner, greener, more efficient route to producing high quality castings. At 700°C, molten aluminium alloys naturally contain a high percentage of dissolved hydrogen, leaving a highly porous result if unaddressed. The most widely-used method of hydrogen removal, argon rotary degassing, is energy intensive and requires costly components.
9th December 2014

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