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Only a fool wouldn't want this 3D printer

Only a fool wouldn't want this 3D printer
The POTTA artisanal 3D printer, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide users with enhanced functionality, better results and increased flexibility is being launched this very morning by Farnell. Ease of use and onboard AI-driven support make this product suitable for new and experienced users at home or in professional applications.
31st March 2019

3D printers ready to take to the electronica stage

3D printers ready to take to the electronica stage
The MakerGear family of 3D printers has strengthened Farnell element14’s range of 3D printing products, MakerGear is a technology and market leader in 3D printing systems supplying printers designed to speed the prototyping and production of end-use components and equipment.
30th October 2018

Arduino webinars stretch across all applications

A five-part webinar series is being produced by element14.com in collaboration with Arduino, the open-source electronic prototyping platform. Starting on Wednesday 19 September, the series will explore the full range of professional uses for Arduino, from prototyping and production to broader industrial and commercial applications.
11th September 2018

Electronic load boasts voltage accuracy of 0.1%

The EA Elektro Automatik EL 3000 B Series for automated testing in workshops, laboratories, education, R&D and industry is in stock at Farnell element14. This series is an ideal bench-top tool for low-power component- and device testing, providing accurate and reproducible test data.
13th February 2018

3D printer targets engineers and hobbyists

3D printer targets engineers and hobbyists
The LulzBot TAZ 6 and LulzBot Mini have been added to the Farnell element14 range of 3D printers. The LulzBot TAZ 6, suited for use by engineers, developers, architects or hobbyists boasts a print volume of 19,600cm3 usable space. The intermediate level printer also features innovative self-levelling and self-cleaning and a modular tool head design for flexible and multi material upgrades.   
25th January 2018

Soldering station provides process traceability

Soldering station provides process traceability
Now available from Farnell element14, the Metcal CV-5200 Soldering Station incorporates Metcal’s patented Connection Validation technology to provide real-time closed-loop feedback on intermetallic compound formation: a key indicator of soldered joint quality. The CV-5200 also incorporates a new communication port that enables the addition of process traceability software and firmware upgrades, making investment in the unit future-proof.
14th November 2017

Solder paste stability provides printing benefits

Solder paste stability provides printing benefits
Farnell element14 has introduced LOCTITE GC 10, the first-ever temperature stable solder paste, from Henkel. The paste is stable at 26.5°C for one year and at temperatures of up to 40°C for one month, providing benefits from shipping and receiving as well as printing and reflow.
29th July 2015

Soldering rework station cuts production costs

Soldering rework station cuts production costs
The Weller WXR Rework Station is designed to handle all tasks related to soldering, desoldering, and the use of hot air in the production process, saving significant costs compared to buying individual units. It is available from Farnell element14. The WXR 3 is a 3-channel station with an enormous total power output of 600 watts, higher than any other station on the market. 
6th November 2014

PCB etching with Ben Heck

Ben is always looking for tools and processes to help with all the projects he builds. He's got a CNC mill, laser cutter, and a 3-D printer, but hasn't found a way to whip up a PCB at his shop. He's hand wired many circuits, but this can be tedious. He's designed PCBs in Eagle and sent them off for production at a board house, but this doesn't help when he wants a PCB the same day. In this episode, Ben experiments with three methods of PCB etching and shares the results.
30th June 2014

Ben Heck's surface mount soldering tips and tricks

Ben shows you how to solder surface mount components with his home-brew solder reflow oven. He goes through the steps of placing parts with solder paste and shares his know-how along the way. After the board comes out of the oven, he demonstrates how to fix solder bridges and other imperfections. He adds some through-hole components and goes over the pros and cons of both methods of soldering.
24th February 2014

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