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Solder paste for fine feature printing

Indium Corp has just released Indium11.8HF-SPR (T5-MC) Solder Paste. According to the company it is a new air and nitrogen reflow, no-clean, Pb-free solder paste designed to meet the fine feature printing requirements of mobile manufacturers.
7th August 2017

Seminar will focus on solder joint reliability

Indium Corporation is to partner with 3S Silicon Tech, Inc. to host a technology seminar on solder joint reliability for automotive electronics on Aug. 11 in Taiwan Hsinchu.
28th July 2017

Solder alloy fabrications to be showcased at NEPCON China

Solder alloy fabrications to be showcased at NEPCON China
  Indium Corporation will feature its reinforced solder alloy fabrications, InFORMS, at NEPCON South China 2017 29th-31th August in Shenzhen, China.
20th June 2017

Gold-Germanium solder preforms at IMAPS

Gold-Germanium solder preforms at IMAPS
Indium Corporation will feature its semiconductor-grade gold-germanium solder preforms at IMAPS High Temperature Electronics Network 2017 in Cambridge. Semiconductor-grade preforms are designed to meet the challenges faced as RF and power semiconductor devices continue to get smaller.
6th June 2017

Reinforced solder preforms at PCIM Europe 2017

Reinforced solder preforms at PCIM Europe 2017
Indium Corporation has said it will feature InFORMS, its reinforced solder alloy fabrications, at PCIM Europe (May 16-18) in Nuremberg. InFORMS are a composite preform consisting of solder and a reinforcing matrix that, together, increase lateral strength and bondline co-planarity while improving thermal cycling reliability.
14th March 2017

Indium Corp at APEX 2017

Indium Corporation’s VP of Technology, Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, will lead three sessions at the IPC APEX Expo technical conference (Feb 11-16). In addition to sharing their expertise at technical sessions, the company will have several technical experts at their exhibit to meet with customers.
18th January 2017

Indium to present at Pan Pac Microelectronics Symposium 2017

Indium Corporation’s Brook Sandy-Smith, Technical Support Engineer for PCB Assembly Materials, and Tim Jensen, Senior Product Manager for Engineered Solders Materials, will present at Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium 2017 (Pan Pac) scheduled for Feb 6-9 in Kauai, Hawaii.
11th January 2017

Indium8.9HF solder paste helps avoid the void

Indium8.9HF solder paste helps avoid the void
Indium will feature its halogen-free Indium8.9HF no-clean solder paste at NEPCON Japan 2017 on Jan. 18-20 in Tokyo, Japan. Indium8.9HF is specifically formulated to Avoid the Void™, while delivering high transfer efficiency with low variability. In addition to outstanding print transfer and response-to-pause, this no-clean solder paste remains stable at room temperature for up to 30 days. It can also be stored for up to 12 months at less than 10°C.
8th December 2016

Void Reduction at SMTA International

Indium Corporation will chair a special session focusing on void reduction in bottom-terminated components (BTCs) at the SMTA International Conference on Sept. 29 in Rosemont, Ill. Voiding is of critical concern in today's electronics assembly arena, especially in BTCs, due to impacts on electrical, thermal, and mechanical performance.
29th September 2016

Indium to Present at IWLPC 2016

Indium Corporation’s Sze Pei Lim, Semiconductor Product Manager – Asia, will present at the 13th International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference. Her presentation, System-in-Package (SiP) Assembly vs. Solder Paste Attributes, will address the increased demand for SiP due to the rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) “smart” devices.
2nd September 2016

Indium to Present at IEMT–EMAP 2016

Indium Corporation experts will deliver several technical presentations at the 37th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology and 18th Electronics Material & Packaging Conference (IEMT-EMAP 2016), Sept. 20-22, in Penang, Malaysia.  
31st August 2016

Indium “InFORMS” at IMAPS 2016

Indium “InFORMS” at IMAPS 2016
Indium Corporation is to feature its reinforced indium and solder alloy fabrications, InFORMS, at IMAPS 49th International Symposium on Microelectronics (Oct. 10-13 in Pasadena). InFORMS is said to provide engineers with an enhanced material for the development of new, or the improvement of existing applications. 
19th August 2016

Recycling process gives credit for returned solder

Recycling process gives credit for returned solder
Indium Corporation's reclaim and recycle program is now offering customers credit for their solder pot dross and contaminated solder. Returned solder, used in wave and other soldering processes, can be put through Indium Corporation's state-of-the art electrolytic recycling processes that removes both organic and metallic impurities from contaminated tin-lead and lead-free solder and solder dross.
2nd August 2016

ITO and IGZO reclaim and recycle program

ITO and IGZO reclaim and recycle program
ITO and IGZO targets are widely used for coating glass and display surfaces. Since not all the material is consumed in the deposition process, Indium Corporation reclaims the unused portions of the targets and any indium left in the deposition chambers or on the equipment.
15th July 2016

Void reducing solder Pastes at NEPCON South China

Indium Corporation will feature its Indium10.1 and Indium8.9HF solder pastesat NEPCON South China (Aug 30-Sept 1). The company has specifically formulated Indium10.1 solder paste to reduce voiding significantly below the industry average – for improved finished goods reliability.
14th July 2016

Indium reclaim and recycle program pays dividends

Indium reclaim and recycle program pays dividends
Indium Corporation's indium metal and indium alloy reclaim and recycle program earns customers an enhanced return on used materials. Indium is used extensively in thermal management, low-temperature soldering, and sealing applications and, in many instances, the indium is not fully consumed and can be reclaimed from the process. 
16th June 2016

Indium’s VP to chair lead free soldering workshop at ECTC

Indium Corporation’s Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, Vice President of Technology, will chair the professional development course, Materials Considerations for Achieving High Reliability Lead-Free Soldering, at the Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), on May 31-June 3 in Las Vegas.
24th May 2016

Germanium reclaim and recycle program

Germanium reclaim and recycle program
According to Indium Corporation, its germanium reclaim and recycle program enables customers to increase their return on materials by providing credit for diverting spent germanium from the waste stream. Germanium, used in things like the production of fiber optic cables, optical lenses and wafers, and catalysts in polyethylene (plastic) production, is typically not completely consumed during the process.
27th April 2016

Indium's VP of Technology to host soldering Webtorials

Dr. Lee’s webtorial, Low-Temperature Solders: New Developments and Applications, will cover varieties of low-temperature solders with emphasis on lead-free alloys, their physical, mechanical, and soldering properties, and their applications. It will take place from 1-2 p.m. on May 17 and 19.
27th April 2016

Indium's Thum lined up to present at IPC Thailand

Kenneth Thum, Senior Technical Support Engineer at Indium Corporation will present Risk of No-Clean Flux Not Fully Dried Under ComponentTerminations at IPC Thailand on April 26 in Bangkok, Thailand.  Thum’s presentation will discuss a new halogen-free, no-clean SAC solder paste that has been developed to Avoid the Void and to address the reliability issues caused by insufficiently dried or burnt-off flux residue.
17th April 2016

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