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Whitepaper explores light curing adhesives

Whitepaper explores light curing adhesives
Addressing the concepts around light curing adhesives, Intertronics has introduced a whitepaper: 'Designing-in Light Curing Adhesives' by Peter Swanson, Managing Director, Intertronics. The paper starts with the design function; design engineers will earn the gratitude of their production engineering colleagues if they can specify or allow for a light curing adhesive.
20th November 2014

Fast cure LED flood system cuts maintenance costs

Fast cure LED flood system cuts maintenance costs
Intertronics has introduced BlueWave LED Flood System, a large format lamp for UV/visible light curing, enabling larger production components to be cured with LED technology. It offers great intensity and uniformity, contributing to faster and more repeatable cure times, and with LED’s instant on/off capability there are no mechanical shutter components and no warm-up time requirements.
20th October 2014

Adhesives combine many quality assurance features

Adhesives combine many quality assurance features
The benefits of colour change once cured with red fluorescence creates a combination expected to offer significant improvements in production efficiencies gained from rapid on-demand curing while ensuring greatly improved quality outcomes. This makes it possible to quickly inspect full adhesive joint coverage and cure, as well as post cure assurance of bond line integrity coupled with material validation post production.
3rd October 2014

Light curing adhesive targets COC/COP bonding

Light curing adhesive targets COC/COP bonding
A UV and visible light curing adhesive, particularly suited to rapid bonding of COP/COC, has been introduced by Intertronics. The DYMAX 1072-M MD adhesive bonds COC/COP (cyclic olefin polymers/copolymers) film laminates and other difficult-to-bond-to polymers, as well as a variety of other plastics widely used in the manufacture of medical devices.
6th August 2014

Brochure details adhesives for medical device assembly

Brochure details adhesives for medical device assembly
A brochure detailing adhesives and protective materials for medical device assembly has been issued by Intertronics. The brochure focuses on Intertronic's ISO 10993 and USP Class VI adhesives and protective materials, with products including DYMAX medical grade adhesives, coatings and masking materials, Opti-tec epoxy adhesives, medical grade cyanoacrylates and the Polytec PT range of two-part adhesives.
27th May 2014

Ink pens instantly create silver or nickel conductive tracks

Ink pens instantly create silver or nickel conductive tracks
The CircuitWorks range of conductive ink pens, launched by Intertronics, benefits engineers and technicians in electronic manufacturing and repair industries. They instantly create silver or nickel conductive tracks on rigid or flexible circuit boards in the prototyping, rework and repair of boards (or flex circuits) where they enable linking of components, repair of defective tracks and production of smooth jumpers.
11th March 2014

Radiometer simplifies the monitoring of UV-curing

Radiometer simplifies the monitoring of UV-curing
Offering accurate and repeatable measurement of UV light, the ACCU-CAL 150 is a simple to use radiometer from Intertronics. This radiometer can measure UV light up to 10W/cm2 emitted from stationary light-curing flood lamps or lamps used in conveyor based processes and can also be used to determine intensity (mW/cm2) or total energy as derived from intensity and exposure time (mJ/cm2).
27th February 2014

Optical display adhesives provide invisible bonds

Optical display adhesives provide invisible bonds
Intertronics announce the Dymax light-curable optical display bonding adhesives. These one-part LCD adhesives are designed for touch panel assembly including bonding flat panel displays, LCD screens, tablets, outdoor kiosks, navigation systems, liquid crystal displays, kiosk panels, mobile phones, and smart connected devices.
13th February 2014

Pen & syringe deliver materials for electronic repair

Pen & syringe deliver materials for electronic repair
Designed to enable small area electronics repair, CircuitWorks range of PCB rework, repair and prototyping materials hae been recently launched by Intertronics. The easy-to-use valved pen and syringe delivery systems enable developers, technicians, installers and servicing engineers to carry out cleaning, protection, bonding and replacement of conductive tracks to circuit boards and components.
28th January 2014

Intertronics Pots the Green For Variohim

In setting up a new production project for in-house potting of temperature probes the engineers at Variohm considered a number of well-known industry standard potting compounds – and they called in the materials specialists at Intertronics.
28th February 2013

New Micro Drill from Intertronics for PCB Rework

New Micro Drill from Intertronics for PCB Rework
The new CircuitMedic Micro Drill system from Intertronics is versatile and powerful – making it ideal for milling, drilling, grinding, cutting and sanding circuit boards. It removes coating, cuts circuits, cuts leads, drills holes, cuts slots, shapes FR4 and performs many other procedures using various interchangeable bits.
14th February 2013

Intertronics And Liquidyn Enhance High Performance Dispensing Applications

As technologies develop in industries such as electronics, energy, packaging, medical devices, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and automotive, Intertronics have understood the need for ever more precise, reliable dispensing of micro quantities of adhesives and similar materials.
1st February 2013

Microcapsules In Adhesive Dispensing Technology

These days, we can find microcapsules in almost every industrial sector, where they take numerous roles. However, dispensing these fragile materials can be a problem since clearly it is important that the microcapsules be undamaged by the dispensing process. In adhesive technology, microcapsules can fulfil several functions. For example, microcapsules may be an integral part of the control of reaction and curing processes. Some anaerobic “threadlocking” adhesives contain microcapsules.
15th January 2013

Intertronics' UV Curable SpeedMask Maksing Resins are Environmentally Safe and Reduce Processing Costs

Intertronics have today announced the DYMAX family of solvent free UV curable resins offering significant improvements in reliability, worker safety, ease of use, quality of process outcome and actual piece part operation cost in comparison to traditional methods. Scrappage losses in production of high value mechanical components is a vital consideration in improving quality and efficiency of manufacture.
6th August 2012

Moisture resistant gasketing resin from Intertronics

Intertronics has introduced a tack-free, soft gasket material from sales partner, DYMAX, for sealing fuel cells, appliance housings, and critical electronic assemblies and devices. Light Weld GA-140 is a UV/Visible light-curable form-in-place (FIP) and cure-in-place (CIP) gasket developed for applications requiring low compression set, tack-free surface, and durable, reliable sealing.
21st January 2009

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