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Water repellent coatings for everyday applications

Water repellent coatings for everyday applications
Water- and dirt-repellent sportswear and outdoor clothing, or anti-fog windshields - there are many everyday products that can profit from highly hydrophobic coatings. For such coatings, researchers led by Dr. Bastian E. Rapp at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have created Fluoropor, a material that is both transparent and abrasion-resistant and that consists of a fluorinated polymer foam with continuous nano/micro-structure. Fluoropor is presented in Nature Scientific Reports.
21st November 2017

Nanofur for oil spill cleanup

Nanofur for oil spill cleanup
Researchers of KIT, together with colleagues of Bonn University, have found that the oil-binding capacity of the water plant results from the hairy microstructure of its leaves. It is now used as a model to further develop the new Nanofur material for the environmentally friendly cleanup of oil spills. Damaged pipelines, oil tanker disasters, and accidents on oil drilling and production platforms may result in pollutions of water with crude or mineral oil.
24th August 2016

Snake scales inspire anti-friction steel coating

Snake scales inspire anti-friction steel coating
A snake moves without legs by the scales on its belly gripping the ground. It generates friction at the points needed to move forwards only and prevents its scales from being worn off by too much friction. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) researchers have found a way to transfer this feature to components of movable systems. In this way, durability of hip prostheses, computer hard disks or smartphones might be enhanced.
18th August 2015

3D printer from KIT spinoff is a 'shooting star'

With its 3D printer for the micrometer scale, the KIT spinoff Nanoscribe has made its way into the final of the competition for the Deutscher Gründerpreis (German Startup Prize) 2015 in the category of ‘Shooting Star’. In the opinion of the jury, the company is one of the most successful German startups of the past years. Among the finalists in the startup category is RESTUBE, a startup of KIT students. Its self-inflatable life buoys may rescue the lives of drowning people.
1st June 2015

Printing process makes 3D objects glow

Printing process makes 3D objects glow
Conventional ElectroLuminescent (EL) foils can only be bent up to a certain degree and can be easily applied onto flat surfaces. The recent process, developed by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Franz Binder, now allows for the direct printing of EL layers onto three-dimensional components. Such EL components might be used to enhance safety in buildings in case of power failure.
22nd May 2015

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