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Auto adhesive monitoring system for contact cleaning

Auto adhesive monitoring system for contact cleaning
Contact cleaning as an in-line defect elimination process is now the method of choice in many high value production processes including PCB, SMT and FPD. As industry moves from defect detection to defect elimination, contact cleaning has grown in importance as a process. 
14th July 2016

Contact cleaning on display at productronica

Teknek, a leader in contact cleaning technology for the electronics sector, will be showing its market-leading solutions for both PCB and SMT production at Productronica. Teknek remain the only contact cleaning company that manufactures its own rollers and adhesives exclusively for use in clean machines.
27th October 2015

Roller cleaner uses elastomer to remove contamination

A method of removing contamination from process rollers, which has been developed though research work into the upscaling of plastic electronics production, has been introduced by Teknek. The research found that the process rollers used in a production line can be a major source of particulate contamination which can lead to defects such as scratches and dents on the film.
27th November 2014

Gentler cleaning solution for webs is developed

Using their elastomers and adhesives, Teknek have developed a cleaning solution for webs. The company hope to replace contact cleaning, which can cause micro-scratching, with the SCH, a gentler solution. This incorporates the Nanocleen high performance cleaning core in a small footprint and can handle webs of 1000-2200mm in width.
22nd July 2014

Teknek's board cleaner increases yields by 3-6%

Teknek's board cleaner increases yields by 3-6%
Some 74 per cent of all defects in the PCB manufacturing process are related to solder paste problems according to the SMTA. Blocked stencils can be caused by a number of things including laser marking ablation dust, smaller apertures in the stencil and even hair and clothing fibres from operators. So what is the solution? Teknek believes the answer is to ensure the bare boards are thoroughly cleaned before printing using the latest contact cleaning technology.
2nd April 2013

Biodegradable Contact Cleaning Adhesive Roll from Teknek

Following on from the successful introduction of EcoFilm adhesive rolls, Teknek has today announced the introduction of another market leading innovation with its new Biodegradable “EcoPaper” adhesive roll. The Teknek contact cleaning process uses sheeted adhesive rolls, which once consumed, have to be disposed of.
23rd August 2012

Teknek To Present At Aimcal Web Coating Conference

Teknek presentation will focus on the appropriate application of contact cleaning within the production of coated products. In particular the talk will look at the impact of contamination in emerging technologies such as OPV (Organic Photovoltaic) and plastic electronics where the requirement for high barrier coatings means that even miniscule defects are detrimental to product lifespan.
15th September 2011

Teknek Experiences High Demand For Thin Film Cleaning Technology

Teknek has reported unprecedented demand for its Ultracleen cleaning roller since its launch in May. Ultracleen is designed to effectively remove debris and contamination from thin film. Highly engineered thin film is increasingly used in flat panel displays (FPD), touch panels, automotive applications and thin film solar panels. In all these sectors there is a zero tolerance policy to defects and the presence of foreign particles in the production process leads to high reject rates. The Ultracleen roller combats this contamination without damaging delicate and sensitive materials and dramatically increases yields and reduces waste.
15th August 2011

Teknek Introduces High Performance Solution For Cleaning Thin Film

The problem of cleaning thin films has been solved by Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning technology, with the introduction of the Ultracleen range of cleaning roller.
10th May 2011

Free online helpline from Teknek

A free online helpline has been launched by Teknek – the world leader in contact cleaning and yield improvement technology – to assist manufacturers with complex technical issues. The Teknek technical support team has 140 years combined experience of advising manufacturers on all types of technical issues and developing innovative solutions to solve them.
22nd October 2009

Rainbow promises to revolutionise HDI manufacture

A new method of producing High Density Interconnect (HDI) boards is being unveiled by Rainbow Technologies, a sister company to Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning technologies. Traditional laser systems are expensive to buy and costly to operate. Not only that, their output is notoriously slow – most imaging only one side at a time.
25th September 2009

Six new products to be launched by Teknek at IPC/APEX

Teknek, a leader in contact cleaning technology, is to launch six new products at the IPC/Apex show in Las Vegas. Teknek’s Surface Mount Clean Machine (SMT09), designed for the electronics assembly market, has not only undergone a redesign but it now incorporates full static monitoring to ensure that static levels on outgoing boards are below levels pre-set by the customer. This machine is combined with Nanocleen, the world’s first silicone free contact cleaning system which not only offers unprecedented cleaning performance but also dissipates static.
23rd March 2009

Contact Cleaning System From Teknek

Teknek has launched Nanocleen, said to be a new generation of contact cleaning technology with advanced contamination and static control features. At the core of the Nanocleen system is a specially formulated roller and adhesive roll.
2nd March 2009

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