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Cabinets reduce extended storage space costs by 50%

Cabinets reduce extended storage space costs by 50%
Expanding the company’s range of ultra low humidity drying and storage cabinets, Totech Super Dry has launched the MSD Series of desiccant storage solutions. The cabinets feature very high performance dehumidification in a modular design that costs 50% less than conventional solutions.
4th February 2014

Picosun’s high performance 300-mm ALD cluster tool enters new generation memory market

Picosun reports that its PICOPLATFORM 300 ALD cluster tool has been selected by a key customer in Asia for new memory applications. The 300 mm cluster design is based on the company’s long-term top product, the fully automated, multifunctional PICOPLATFORM ALD deposition unit for parallel, simultaneous execution of several different processes for high-k and metal/metal nitride films.
9th April 2013

DEK Horizon 01iX Platform a Key Component of Krypton Solutions Expansion

DEK announces Krypton Solutions, has selected its Horizon 01iX print platform to enable expansion of the company’s electronics design and manufacturing business. The Plano, Texas-based firm, which specializes in full-service design, layout and rapid prototyping, is adding a fourth SMT production line to accommodate its growing customer base.
21st March 2013

HGST Reaches 10-Nanometer Patterned-Bit Milestone

HGST is leading the disk drive industry to the forefront in nanolithography, long the exclusive purview of semiconductor manufacturers, by creating and replicating minute features that will allow the doubling of hard disk drive (HDD) density in future disk drives.
4th March 2013

Infineon Completes 300-Millimeter Thin-Wafer Production Qualification

Infineon Technologies has achieved a major breakthrough in the manufacturing of power semiconductors on 300-millimeter thin wafers. In February, the company received the first customer go-aheads for products of the CoolMOS family produced by the 300-millimeter line at the Villach (Austria) site. The production process based on the new technology has completed qualification from start to finish and customers have given the go-ahead.
19th February 2013

FleX Silicon-on-Polymer Available With TowerJazz Foundry CMOS

American Semiconductor announces TowerJazz is the first foundry with a CMOS process, CS18, available for physically flexible wafers and ICs utilizing FleX Silicon-on-Polymer. This announcement was made at the 12th annual Flexible & Printed Electronics Conference presented by the FlexTech Alliance held in Phoenix, Arizona on January 29 - February 1, 2013.
31st January 2013

Essemtec’s Tower Increases Variosystems Flexibility of Production

Essemtec’s Tower Increases Variosystems Flexibility of Production
Essemtec AG announces that its Tower Automatic Storage System simplifies logistics and increases the flexibility of production for Variosystems, an international electronics manufacturing subcontractor. Variosystems manages thousands of components for its customers’ assembly jobs. Until recently, the component storage has required significant effort. Now, with Essemtec’s Tucano, component reels and trays can be stored locally in production.
1st March 2011

Essemtec Builds Printer For 180x50cm

Essemtec Builds Printer For 180x50cm
Essemtec will build a production line for LED tubular lamps that will replace the common fluorescent lamps. Essemtec's innovation, a 180x50cm printing system will enable the full automatic, inline production of such lamps.
24th February 2011

Rochester Electronics Expands its Space-Level Manufacturing Services

Rochester Electronics has expanded its space-level continuing manufacturing services and product offering to provide a continuous, long-term source of certified semiconductor devices. Since many manufacturers are discontinuing production of space-level parts due to the rigorous certification processes and expansive infrastructure required to manufacture, test, and store these low-volume parts, customers are often left with few places to turn for authorized space-level solutions.
17th November 2010

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