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Centrifugal disk finishing for thin parts etc

Centrifugal disk finishing for thin parts etc
With the option of “gap rinsing”, the new Turbotron centrifugal disk finishing machines from Walther Trowal are ideal for finishing extremely thin fine-blanked parts. The new machines lower the investment expenditures and offer high uptimes.  Walther Trowal is said to be the first supplier of mass finishing equipment who brings a new line of TT centrifugal disk finishing machines to the market with spinner and wear ring completely made from polyurethane and a rinsing system for the gap between spinner and stationary work bowl.    
21st May 2017

Substrate & micro assembly at IMS 2017

NEO Tech will showcase its high-reliability substrate and microelectronic assembly capabilities at the 2017 International Microwave Symposium - June 6-8 - at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu.
4th May 2017

Report examines the latest in packaging technologies

Report examines the latest in packaging technologies
As the development of packaging technologies intensifies, in order to accommodate further front-end scaling trends and multi-die integration, advanced FO RDL and FC substrates represent the key interconnect components. The competition between FO and FC packages and the features of their interconnect components is resulting in an abundance of new package architectures that are crucial in enabling future products and markets.
20th April 2017

Bonding technique uses inkjet printers

Bonding technique uses inkjet printers
A team of Spanish researchers at the University of Barcelona have demonstrated a bonding technique for chips, called SMD or surface mounted devices, that uses an inkjet printer with ink that incorporates silver nanoparticles. The technique, described in the Journal of Applied Physics, was developed in response to the industrial necessity for a fast, reliable and simple manufacturing process, and with an eye to reducing the environmental impact of the standard fabrication processes.
15th March 2017

Conquering metal fatigue

Conquering metal fatigue
Metal fatigue can lead to abrupt and sometimes catastrophic failures in parts that undergo repeated loading, or stress. It’s a major cause of failure in structural components of everything from aircraft and spacecraft to bridges and powerplants. As a result, such structures are typically built with wide safety margins that add to costs. Now, a team of researchers at MIT and in Japan and Germany has found a way to greatly reduce the effects of fatigue by incorporating a laminated nanostructure into the steel.
10th March 2017

Curing epoxy features low thermal resistance

Formulated for use in demanding thermal management applications, Master Bond EP30TC is a two component epoxy that contains a robust thermally conductive filler with very fine particle sizes. This NASA low outgassing certified system can be used for bonding, coating, sealing and encapsulating for the aerospace, electronic, optical and OEM industries.
31st January 2017

No-damage plasma dicing capability

ASE Group  has installed a plasma dicing capability at its Chung-Li, Taiwan facility. Supplied by Plasma-Therm,  the Singulator MDS-100 Plasma Dicing on Tape (PDOT) production system will be available for customer demonstrations, development and prototyping in the next few weeks.
11th January 2017

Curtain nozzle enhances coating processes

Curtain nozzle enhances coating processes
The Rehm Thermal Systems VarioFlex is now on sale at Altus Group. It has been developed for highly selective conformal coating processes. With the increase in miniature components, the requirement for smaller tolerances between areas to be lacquered becomes more difficult. To address this problem Rehm have added the VarioFlex curtain nozzle to their Protecto system.
10th January 2017

CPU unit enables full CNC production line integration

CPU unit enables full CNC production line integration
The C80 CNC CPU unit mounts alongside an iQ-R series PLC’s existing modules, allowing nanometre scale control over machine tool functions. When applied as part of an iQ-R Platform it contributes toward integrated control over an entire manufacturing production line.
7th December 2016

Efficient production at any batch size

Efficient production at any batch size
  B&R presented the SuperTrak industrial transport system at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair. Other highlights included a multitude of mapp components and connected manufacturing solutions based on OPC UA communication.
1st December 2016

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