Mobile bench machine shapes a contour on hydraulic tubes

3rd July 2015
Posted By : Jordan Mulcare
Mobile bench machine shapes a contour on hydraulic tubes

Sometimes less is more. That’s also true for the size and weight of pre-assembly devices that are predominantly used at construction sites says VOSS Fluid. They need to have compact designs but nevertheless work precisely, fast and safe, just like the VOSSForm 100 Compact forming machine. The mobile bench machine shapes a contour on hydraulic tubes.

Wherever especially safe and leak-free tube connections are important during repairs, maintenance and service, the mobile forming machine from VOSS Fluid demonstrates its inherent advantages. The size and weight is designed for shipping in a transporter; a mount for a forklift and additional lifting rings provide the unit with the mobility required at the construction site. That meets all requirements to make secure tube couplings using forming, even in mobile assembly service.

The system package is very straightforward: The forming machine shapes a 24° tube contour at the end of a hydraulic tube. This is supplemented with a soft seal and a function nut that is equipped with a special clamping ring. The result is an extremely high-quality and leakproof connection that is exceptionally resistant to high bend change stresses.

Forming with the VOSSForm 100 Compact is extremely straightforward and self explanatory: The mechanic inserts the marked tool in the unit and pushes the tube end against the limit plate. During processing, the machine always displays the next operational step. Even the forming pressure setting is automatically controlled.

The integrated tool is a negative mold of the contour you want to shape. That ensures that the contour is always executed to perfection, a decisive advantage of the forming machine.Insertion mistakes and operator errors are as good as ruled out, which leads to fast and precise results and effectively prevent scrap. The forming power of the machine is about 100 tons and is designed as a service unit for smallest-lot production.

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