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Microcapsules In Adhesive Dispensing Technology

These days, we can find microcapsules in almost every industrial sector, where they take numerous roles. However, dispensing these fragile materials can be a problem since clearly it is important that the microcapsules be undamaged by the dispensing process. In adhesive technology, microcapsules can fulfil several functions. For example, microcapsules may be an integral part of the control of reaction and curing processes. Some anaerobic “threadlocking” adhesives contain microcapsules.
15th January 2013

Etek Europe Installs an SCS Precisioncoat Spray and Dispense System in Its New Technology Center

Etek Europe has installed an SCS Precisioncoat Spray and Dispense System in its new custom-built Technology Center. The SCS Precisioncoat spray and dispense system precisely applies 100 percent solids, solvent- and water-based coatings, such as photoresists, acrylics, adhesives, solder mask and anti-microbial coatings, to virtually any surface or substrate, with maximum accuracy.
8th January 2013

The Endless Piston Pump Technology For Precision Dispensing

Intertronics have today announced the release of a new whitepaper on the technology of high precision, high repeatability in the dispensing of fluids, pastes and 2 part mixes – even with abrasive fillers. The paper describes the concept and execution of such a system with notes on its use and application.
29th November 2012

Intertronics - Getting the Needle right

The dispensing experts at Intertronics are pleased to offer engineers everywhere the Fisnar FIS DCK500 Dispensing Component Kit and to provide one free with all their bestselling dispensing controllers.
26th September 2012

High Speed Pick-and-Place System Features New Dispenser Option

Essemtec now offers a fully featured dispensing option for its Paraquda high-speed SMD pick-and-place system. The new option extends the placement machine’s application range: In addition to placing 15'000 components per hour, the Paraquda now can dispense up to 20,000 glue or paste dots per hour.
25th June 2012

High Demand For Scorpion, Essemtec’s New Dispensing System

High Demand For Scorpion, Essemtec’s New Dispensing System
Since the premier of the Scorpion at productronica 2011 in Munich, Essemtec has noted a record high in demand – and rightly so! Due to its outstanding price-performance ratio, the new dispensing machine is among the best dispensers in the world. Its accuracy of +/- 25 μm is extraordinary and it can dispense up to 100,000 dots per hour.
31st January 2012

Essemtec to Highlight New 3-D Dispense and Placement System

Essemtec to Highlight New 3-D Dispense and Placement System
Essemtec has developed this fully automatic 3-D dispensing and SMD placement machine Hydra in a close collaboration with a producer of 3D-MID products. The system operation of Hydra is similar to a standard SMD pick-and-place machine. Therefore, it can be integrated easily into a typical electronics production.
7th December 2011

Essemtec Doubles Dispensing Speed and Accuracy

Essemtec introduces the new Scorpion automatic dispensing system in August 2011. The machine is built on the Paraquda machine base, which enables highly accurate dispensing and performance of up to 100’000 dots per hour. The machine can be equipped with up to four different dispensing valves and is designed for flexible and productive dispensing in electronics manufacturing, LED assembly and other industries.
4th August 2011

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