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Range of new products to showcase at Southern Manufacturing 2018

Range of new products to showcase at Southern Manufacturing 2018
  An array of new and updated and products will be showcased at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2018 by AdoptSMT. The company covers the processes of PCB assembly, hand soldering and industrial identification.
16th January 2018

PCB software update increases design productivity

PCB software update increases design productivity
Thanks to the rapidly expanding global PCB market, we have seen remarkable advancements in the world of electronic design, with new products that are more sophisticated, more compact, and more complex than ever before. Altium continues their focus on developing design tools that meet the needs of today’s engineer, and has announced the release of Altium Designer 18 - what it claims to be the most powerful, modern, easy-to-use release to date.
21st December 2017

Cicor - your technology partner

Cicor - your technology partner
The Cicor Group is an internationally positioned electronics service provider. As a complete solutions partner, the company creates innovative products for growth markets together with its customers. In the area of microelectronics, Cicor has the most modern assembly and interconnect technologies, also under cleanroom conditions. 
2nd October 2017

Latest Altium Designer to preview at PCB Design Summit

Altium has told us that it will preview Altium Designer 18 at its upcoming global PCB design conferences, “AltiumLive 2017”. AltiumLive 2017 is a two-day design experience where engineers from all over the World are encouraged to attend this interactive event. The first summit of its kind, AltiumLive 2017 is targeted specifically at those seeking to expand their knowledge and learn about the latest innovations in PCB design.
20th September 2017

PCB developed to bring photo timer up to date

LCL Electronics has developed a new PCB for an old photographic timer, leading to cost savings and reduced production times for the customer - Paterson Photographic - which is developing its existing products to combine traditional forms of lighting equipment with new technology.  Using LCL as its electronics partner, its 200D enlarger timer, a mains operated digital timer unit, has been re-launched with updated technology to improve safety and efficiency.   
30th August 2017

QFN centre pads are so last decade

QFN centre pads are so last decade
The QFN (quad flat pack, no leads) package can no longer be considered exotic. It was about a decade ago, but not any more. In fact, with the wafer scale BGA, it's one of the more common packages for new chip designs. Not all QFNs come with an exposed metal pad underneath, but most do, and that can still cause problems with reflow solder. The pad itself isn't the problem, but improper solder paste stencil layer design can be.
15th August 2017

Annual PCB design summit is a first

Altium just announced its first annual PCB design conference created to help engineers grow their design expertise and contribute to the advancement of the electronics design community. According to the company, “AltiumLive 2017: Annual PCB Design Summit” will grant attendees the opportunity to learn new skills, interact with like-minded engineers, and get inspired to design next-generation electronics from industry icons and design masters.
7th August 2017

Solder-side protective covers designed for PCBs

Solder-side protective covers designed for PCBs
  Provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, Pixus Technologies, now offers protective solder-side covers for 3U and 6U Eurocard PCBs. The covers come in version that mount to OpenVPX, CompactPCI, and VME/64x boards.
1st August 2017

Standoff fasteners hold printed circuit boards securely

Standoff fasteners hold printed circuit boards securely
Global designer and manufacturer of thin sheet fastening devices and installation systems, PennEngineering, has introduced new PEM SMTSSS ReelFast SNAP-TOP standoff fasteners. The fasteners hold printed circuit boards securely in assemblies without requiring mating screws or other loose threaded hardware to complete attachment. These unthreaded standoffs promote streamlined production by easily installing in boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process.
31st July 2017

Multi-layer circuit board material for wireless base stations

Multi-layer circuit board material for wireless base stations
Panasonic has announced that it has commercialised its 'High Thermal Conductivity, Low Transmission Loss Halogen-free Multi-layer Circuit Board Material (Part No. R-5575)' intended for wireless base stations, and will launch mass production in August 2017. The industry's first halogen-free multi-layer board material for RF power amplifiers is designed to contribute to compact-sizing and stable operation of wireless base stations.
6th July 2017

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